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Barry Bandara

Barry Bandara has been the Lead Pastor at GracePoint since 2005. He married his beautiful wife, Candy, in 1985 and they have been blessed with three incredible daughters: Ashley, Holly, and Kailey. Barry and Candy need extra prayer during football season since he is an avid  fan of the San Francisco 49ers and she is the same for the Dallas Cowboys.  The best man at their wedding was Joe Montana.

Barry is the author of Dream House: Blueprints to a Healthy and Happy Home. 

A little inside information about Barry:

Favorite Vacation: anywhere warm with Candy

Favorite Book in the Bible: Colossians (foundational and practical)

Favorite Invention: TIVO or DVR (fast forward commercials)

Pet Peeve: Low shower heads (Come on plumbers - 6 more inches!)

In case you are wondering, the part about Joe Montana is not true. Smile and laugh often - it's good for your health!

Connect with Barry at barry@gracepointkitsap.com, or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or his Blog.