Here at GracePoint we believe that relationships matter.  We believe that marriage can be a joy.  At three weeks out from Valentines Day 2018 you might be thinking what am I going to do this year?  How can I make this day special?

We've got you covered!  Visit one of the top 7 places to kiss in Kitsap County AND treat your spouse to one of our amazing, local dining venues.  It is sure to make their day.

Romantic Dinner Suggestions around Kitsap 

Top 7 places to kiss in Kitsap

And....for the cynics among us who are thinking "I don't want to go to those places now.  They will be packed with people!"  Listen, you need a great picture.  And these places are gorgeous!  A selfie won't quite capture the beauty of these locations.  So, when you bump into someone just smile and hand them your phone.  Print the picture, place it in a frame and let it remind you make regular investments into your marriage.

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