Sometimes I want it to be over-the-top. You know what I mean, right? Visuals that take my breath away, music that sends chills up my spine, surprises that have me grinning from ear to ear…this is what I hope for with my Christmas Experience! I want to laugh so hard my stomach hurts and then, a little later, feel a few tears running down my cheek.

Have you ever had an experience like this? Maybe it was the first Christmas you can remember? Maybe dad dipped his work boots in flower and made tracks from the chimney to the Christmas Tree. Maybe it was your first experience tasting mom’s Christmas cookies. Maybe it was listening to your grandmother play Christmas Carols while your family sang along. Whatever brings you back to that place of wonder, it’s what I wish for you this Christmas.

A talented cast will bring still life scenes to all 5 Christmas Eve Services. You can expect comedy, carol singing, snow, candlelight, and a few other surprises. Experience Christmas at GracePoint! Make your reservation today: