GracePoint Theater Productions Presents:  

The Butler Did It

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Cast List:

  • Miss Haversham, Madi Dahl
  • Rita Eyelesbarrow, Molly Olmstead
  • Miss Maple, Julianne Dennison
  • Father White, David Broxton
  • Chandler Marlow, Mike Dyer
  • Louie Fan, Erik Dahl
  • Rick Carlyle, Luke Dennison
  • Laura Carlyle, Kristin Edwards
  • Peter Flimsey, Glen Milligan
  • Charity Haze, Heidi Best

About our productions:

For seventeen years, GracePoint Church has delighted audiences in early December with a broadway-style musical.  For many in Kitsap County, Christmas Dessert Theater  has become an annual tradition, ushering in the holiday season with a fun-filled evening of family-friendly entertainment and a delicious dessert.  Past titles include The Sound of Music, Annie, It's A Wonderful Life, Hello Dolly, Fiddler on The Roof and Brigadoon.

About the show:

Miss Maple, a flaky society dowager, invites a pack of zany detective writers to a spooky house on an isolated island and forces them to impersonate their fictional sleuths. For entertainment, she arranges some 'classic' touches - a hairy face at the window, the threat of an escaped lunatic, no communications with the outside world. What she did not arrange was the body on the sitting room carpet! It's up to seedy Chandler Marlowe to solve the bizarre case and he makes a side-splitting mess of it! Ultimately, everyone has a guilty secret to confess and the real killer turns out to be the least suspected. 

Volunteer for the show:

Want to get more involved, but not as an actor or musician?  Join the team to help us serve the community with family friendly entertainment.  Don't miss this opportunity to have lots of fun, make new friends, and enjoy the satisfaction of helping present quality theater productions.  Areas to serve include ushering, desserts, props, costumes, tickets, set design, construction, painting, and a whole host of other areas!  Email Mike Best to get involved!