Current employment opportunities

Position Description:  Communications Manager

Primary Reporting:  Executive Pastor

Location:  Bremerton, Washington


Steward the overall communication and marketing strategy for GracePoint Church.  Protect the GracePoint brand, keep the team on message and equip ministries and departments to spend less time promoting and more time investing in people. Be proactive in identifying target audiences and developing best practices for communicating with particular audiences. Think big picture and come up with new ways of getting our message out online.  Have a pulse for the trends and technologies being used in communications as a whole. This person is highly relational and they work well with other people. They will have a passion to not only strategize but execute the work.  

Working relationships: 

The person filling this position will:

  • Be accountable to the Executive Pastor

  • Supervise the Social Media Coordinator

  • Be a team player


  • Proven track record for team building

  • Supervise part-time Social Media Coordinator

  • Supervise volunteer photographers, videographers

  • Work with church program leaders to strategize and develop new ways to communicate online

  • Solicit information from ministry leaders to organize and plan online communications messages in a timely manner

  • Continue to build relationships with all audiences by managing content and interactions on church social media pages

  • Demonstrate experience in the use of a variety of media

  • Excellent written communication skills, including the ability to use correct grammar and punctuation, to edit and present error-free documents, and to target communications to various subgroups of the GracePoint Community and the Kitsap Community

  • Ability to work with a computer, including applications such as Pages, Numbers, Gmail, Adobe, Canva, YouTube and other electronic graphics and publishing tools

  • Familiarity and comfort posting on a variety of social media platforms, and the willingness to stay up to date with changes in the field of communications

  • Experience with the life of a church, and general knowledge of the Kitsap County region

  • Excellent people skills, including the ability to coordinate communications and systems in groups that involve volunteers of various technological ability.

  • Ability to create and maintain systems to track data

  • Compliance with all applicable sections of GracePoint Church’s Policy and Procedure Manual

  • One year of previous public relations, communications, social media marketing

  • Ability to articulate a clear profession of faith in Jesus and implication of that faith for church communications work

  • Ability to work within the constitutional and leadership structures of GracePoint Church

  • Ability to manage details and keep organized especially under time pressures

  • Ability to solve problems and handle crisis effectively

  • Ability to act as an intricate part of the Operations Team and also remain focused and work independently in a multi-task, fast-paced environment

  • Ability to think critically

essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Internal and External Communications

    • Empower ministry leaders to accomplish their part of the GracePoint Mission

    • Continue to direct the focus of all internal and external communications to action steps

    • Protect the GracePoint brand

    • Keep the team on message

    • Develop and protect communication priorities

    • Avoid insider language

    • Collect stories of the lives impacted through the ministry of GracePoint

    • Measure the results of every communication and make the necessary changes to achieve the desired result

    Content Coordination

    • Basic content writing in support of the mission and vision of GracePoint Church with knowledge of current best practices in social media content

    • Plan, prepare, and execute communications projects. This work includes preparation and distribution of print and digital work

    • Provide lists and data as needed by staff, boards and other work groups


    • Create invitations to GracePoint events that are targeted to particular subgroups, including existing GracePoint community, particularly newcomers, and members of the wider community. These invitations include flyers, written announcements, banners, website design and copy, and digital media advertisements

    • Monitor and update Google Ad Words, Google Analytics, and Google My Business

    • Work with our contracted graphics company to procure original material used for event promotion

    • Facilitate search engine optimization and paid marketing regularly

    • Analyze data of our invitations’ reach and effectiveness and refine our process

    • Maintain and improve promotion plans for events and ministries. Write copy for printed/digital program and unique copy for online sources and e-newsletter

    • Order print jobs from current vendors and continue to balance the best price/service with a desire to support local business

    Creating Systems

    • Collaborating with staff and volunteers to maintain and refine the database system for tracking engagement of newcomers and repeat visitors

    • Maintain and refine a system for collecting and organizing photos and videos

    • Maintain and refine the communications calendar for publicizing events

    • Maintain, refine and manage distribution lists

    • Meet with or contact ministry leaders/teams to discuss communication needs and update/create content as needed

    • Manage the publicity budget

    Website and Social Media Management

    • Develop, maintain and shape the functionality of two websites, the Church Center App, digital forms, and all social media platforms

    • Serve as an administrator on Facebook, Instagram and other designated platforms

    • Post content, including photos and videos, on GracePoint pages on a regular basis

    • Use social media to engage a variety of constituents: prospective attendees/visitors, current attendees/members

    • Stay abreast of trends in social media platforms

    • Assist social media contributors in specific GracePoint departments


$46,000.00-$48,000.00 Annual Salary

Medical, Dental, Vision Benefits