Current employment opportunities

Position Description:  Youth ministry Assistant (Temporary through August of 2019)

Primary Reporting:  Student Ministries Pastor

Secondary Reporting: Executive Pastor

Location:  Bremerton, Washington

Position Summary:

The Student Ministry Assistant is to provide administrative programming assistance to the Student Ministries Pastor.

Working relationships: 

The person filling this position will:

  • Be accountable to the Student Ministries Pastor

  • Maintain a courteous and professional relationship with all staff members

  • Be a team player


  • Contribute to the spirit of biblical unity amongst the church staff and ministry leaders

  • Make sure that new and existing student ministry volunteers have completed a background check (Middle and High School)

  • Develop, design and maintain the parent resource area in the student lobby. Keep pictures and posters current. Coordinates with teh Student Ministries Pastor collecting an dpromoting relevant books and other media resources.

  • Design, create and coordinate posters, slides and fliers for student ministry events

  • Maintain (or in some cases start) our group’s social media presence with at least onpost a day (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter)

  • Manage our weekly data from check-in system (Planning Center)

  • Assist with administrative tasks for events (sign ups, scouting trips, purchasing supplies, etc…)

  • Asist in upkeep of an aesthetically pleasing and relevant Student Center

  • Help coordinate quarterly volunteer training sessions

  • Be available to assist Student Ministries Pastor throughout our various ministry meeting times (Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, Tuesday evenings and Wednesday evenings)

  • Agree with and promote our vision to build a vibrant church with a heart for the unchurched

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Posses a high level of administrative skills

  • Posses a high level of design and aesthetic skills

  • Demonstrate a sense of mission in his/her commitment to Jesus Christ, to people and to professionalism

  • Demonstrate an ability to be flexible

  • Possess a broad knowledge of office functions and church policies

  • Possess the ability to organize, analyze, prioritize and execute tasks in a timely manner

  • Demonstrate professionalism through his/her appearance, attitude and allegiance

  • Must be familiar with general computer skills. Able to operate Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher), Mac iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), Planning Center (will train) and general data entry

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Possess an understanding of Youth Ministry and a passion for creating a vibrant ministry that attracts un-churched students as well as raising up young disciples

  • Able to work independently, initiate and prioritize workload

Work Schedule:

  • 20 hours per week (exact breakdown will vary depending on ministry needs)

    • 10-15 hours - environment updates, daily tasks, overseeing Volunteer Coordinators

    • 5+ hours - ministry meetings (small groups and youth groups) oversight, assistance, and leadership

    The majority of these hours would need to be scheduled during afternoon and early evening to coordinate with the Student Ministries Pastor

Status: Part-Time, Salaried Exempt