Helping Kids Meet, Know and Follow Jesus

At GracePoint Church, we love kids!  We believe that children are a vital part of our church vision: 

Building a Vibrant Church with a Passion to Reach the Unchurched.

We keep this in mind as we create safe, loving classrooms where kids leave knowing they are loved by their teachers and by God.



Our nursery classrooms are a clean, safe and loving place for your youngest ones to be introduced to GracePoint Kids.  We want our babies and toddlers to have a positive experience as they begin to learn more about God.



Our preschool classrooms offer age-appropriate lessons to 2-5 year-olds.  We provide a Parent Cue for parents each week to help lessons sink in while at home.  By the time our preschoolers turn 5, we and them to know that:

1.  God loves me

2.  God made me

3.  Jesus wants to be my friend forever



Our elementary classrooms are a place for kindergarten-5th graders to connect with small group leaders, worship and learn together, attend monthly outreach events and develop a personal and growing relationship with Jesus.  We provide many opportunities throughout the year and encourage our kids to invite their friends to hear about a God who:

1.  Loves them

2.  Made them

3.  Wants a relationship with them