Welcome to a New LifeGroup Session!

Before we jump into our study, let's take a moment to remember that there are THREE things we want to see happen every time our LifeGroups gather:

Movement towards Each Other
Movement towards God
Movement towards our Community

Our questions follow this same format. All of the questions are designed towards movement. We hope you enjoy your time together in your LifeGroup.
**Remember, our goal is to deepen our relationship with Jesus and each other. Use the questions that are help and skip the rest.

CURRENT SERIES: I Want to Believe, But...

It’s can be difficult to believe in a God we cannot see. We wonder why God didn’t answer our prayers, why God allows suffering, or why we can’t feel His presence. God may not meet all your expectations—but that’s good news! Find out why in a new series: I Want to Believe, But...

Last Week:
Read Psalm 139:1-18 every day this week. Write down your one takeaway and put it somewhere where you can find it when you don't "feel" God in your life.

Two Weeks Ago:
Memorize Psalm 16:5. Make a list of ways God's boundaries protect you.

Key Verse: “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18

Movement Towards Each Other (know the people in your group)
When is the last time you got a speeding ticket?

Movement Towards God (grow in your relationship with God)
Where were you when 9/11 happened?
How did you feel when you saw the pictures/heard the news?
What is something that makes you angry?
Where does that come from?
Read Matthew 5:45
Why does God treat the evil and good people the same?
Does that seem "fair"?
If you had a fairness scale, what type of person would be on the "bad stuff should happen to them" side?
Read Romans 3:23; Psalm 103:8-10; Romans 6:23
What would happen to us if God was really fair?
What does it mean for God to be "just" in situations where all we can see is what we think is fair?
How is God's justice better than our fairness?
Read John 16:33
What is one guarantee in this life?
Do you think people want to go through life pain free or do they just want to choose the amount of the pain they will experience?
Have you or someone you know ever had a near death experience?
What was it like?
Read Jeremiah 23:23-24; Psalm 34:18; Psalm 46:1
What does it mean for God to be "with" us in our pain?
Have you ever experienced that personally?
What was it like?
Read Isaiah 55:8-9;  1 Corinthians 13:12
If God is with us, why doesn't He just take away the pain?
Would you rather rest in knowing that God is in control or have Him reveal to you what is going to happen and how it will all turn out?
How can we find comfort in trusting God with the outcome?
If we hold something bad that has happened to us against God, how does that ultimately hurt us?
Why does God allow "bad things" to happen to people?

Movement Towards Community (they see the change in you)
Memorize Psalm 34:18.
Has there been a situation that you have been holding over God, blaming Him for something that happened to you? Are you willing to give that over to Him?