Safe, age appropriate and fun!


I made it to church with my kids!  

Now what do i do?

We know how hard it is to get out the door with your family.  Our desire is to make the check in process simple for you.

If it's your first visit to GracePoint, park in the Family Parking area and enter through the double doors facing HWY 303.

Just inside that door you will find a friendly volunteer, ready to help you check in and find the Kids' Center for elementary age students or the nursery for little ones.

Every child will have a printed name tag with a number.  Parents receive a printed tag with that same number.  You need to present your tag when you come to pick up your child from their small group classroom or the nursery.

To make things a little easier, our hallways are color-coordinated with our age-group classrooms:

Green = Nursery

Purple = Preschool

Orange = Elementary

If you decide to come regularly we will give you a key fob.  This will allow you to check your kids in at any of the self-checkin stations.

Please reach out to us via email or phone (360-692-6414) if you have other questions!

what happens during large group and small group time?