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#YouthOnMission #Houston2018

GracePoint Youth will be headed to Houston during Spring Break! They will help with disaster relief resulting from Hurricane Harvey. As you know, Harvey pummeled the Houston metropolitan area with record-breaking rainfall and over 130 mph winds. Widespread flooding caused $180 billion in damage - more than any other natural disaster in U.S. History. FEMA reported that over 12,000 homes were completely destroyed during the storm, while over 200,000 homes were damaged.

Our Youth Group will partner with Next Step Ministries to help repair homes and to build relationships with families who lost so much due to Harvey. Next Step comes alongside communities to assist in the long-term rebuilding efforts for those that are still in critical need.

This trip to Houston is made possible by the prayer and financial support of people like you. The goal is to be a living reminder of the truth from John16:33, "I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In the world you have trouble and suffering, but have courage - - I have conquered the world." God sees the needs of those who suffered through Harvey, and we pray He will use our resources (physical, emotional, financial) to bring about healing for those families.

We would love to show you images and video from our trip in real time!

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You will see daily posts about our service in Houston beginning April 2.

Please leave a comment on Instragram to let us know if you can join us in prayer for this trip. We are praying, specifically, that our team would stay healthy and safe and that God would use this trip to do immeasurably more than we could ask or predict for the Houston families and for His Kingdom.

We leave for Houston on Monday, April 2nd and return to Bremerton on Saturday, April 7th.  Specific times will be listed as soon as we have them.  

What students will need for the Houston 2018 trip:

How we plan to raise funds for this trip:

  • We hosted "movie nights" in December.  All proceeds from those events will support our team.
  • Our video promotion will go live in February.  This will be placed on our website, on all social media platforms and WE HOPE it will be shared on personal social media pages as well.  :-)  This will include a link to give toward the mission trip.
  • Individual letters will be sent out the first week of February.

Where to register for this trip: