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2019 Merida, Mexico Mission Trip

March 31, 2019 - April 6, 2019

Mexico Mission Trip Packing List:

Per our airline tickets, we are authorized one overhead carry-on bag and one backpack/personal item.  

The weather in Merida will be around 90-100 degrees, so please pack accordingly.  

  • Refillable water bottle

  • Physical Bible, journal, pens (no cell service at our location)

  • Bottle of your preferred sunscreen lotion and bug repellent in a ziplock bag 

At the Work Site:

  • sneakers or boots

  • pants, shorts

  • t-shirts

  • sun hat

  • sunglasses

  • work gloves

  • *** We will be working with cement, so your clothes will get soiled 

At the VBS Programs:

  • appropriate, modest casual attire (no midriff or bra exposure/no inappropriate graphic tees)

  • shorts, pants, and t-shirts

At the Mayan Ruins/Exploration Day:

  • comfortable, cool clothes (lots of walking/climbing)

  • sneakers

  • nicer casual clothes for Friday night’s dinner out

At the Hotel:

  • Casual, modest attire

  • Modest bathing suits

  • Pool towel 

  • Pool shoes 

Trip Overview

Team members will work with members of Shalom Church in Merida Mexico. The trip’s focus will be on strategic service projects and meeting the needs of the church and community.

Projects may include light construction, painting, serving in a local orphanage, and teaching the local children about Christ through Vacation Bible Schools.

Students will have the opportunity to interact with local leaders, community members, and children while building relationships.

One day of recreation is included in trip cost (visit to local beach and Mayan ruins).

In order to participate, you must be either a high school student or a small group leader who is actively involved in SMALL GROUP PROGRAM at GracePoint Church on Tuesday nights.

Passports are required.

Financial: $1,395.00 due March 12, 2019


Security Deposit - 10% of trip cost (NON REFUNDABLE) $140.00 total 10/31/18

50% Due $700.00 total 12/31/18

80% Due $1,115.00 total 02/12/19

100% Due - 2 weeks prior to departure $1,395.00 total 03/12/2019



Meeting #1: Introduction to Trip Tues., 10/9/18, 7pm Yes

Meeting #2: Parent Check In Tues., 11/27/18, 6:30pm Yes

Meeting #3: Parent Check In/Passports DUE Tues., 2/5/19, 6:30pm Yes

Prayer Night Tues., 3/26/19, 7:00pm Optional

Tools for finding sponsors:


Mission Trip Promotional Video Early December FB, Instagram

Written Support Letters Early December Email, Snail Mail

GoFund Me TBD FB, Email, Web

Ideas for Micro-Fundraisers TBD in small groups


  • Please note: the Security Deposit of $140.00 is due by 10/31/2018 and is NON REFUNDABLE

  • There will be three other financial “milestones” to reach on 12/31, 2/12 and 3/12

  • Any monies raised, beyond $1,395.00 for each person, will go toward other members of the team until everyone is fully funded.